My name is Vanshil Mehta,
a self-motivated and a determined VFX artist, Animator, Designer, Photographer and a Web developer. I also possess strong interpersonal and communication skills that compliments my ability to work on large projects with a proper workflow that would suit me and my team. I trust in how one should not be afraid to entertain new ideas and instead have a fierce spirit to make them a reality. This is why I chose a Phoenix to represent myself.



For my VFX project pieces I used complimentary softwares such as After Effects ,Premiere Pro and the Adobe Media Encoder. Worked with tools such as Key-light + key cleaner + advanced spill suppressor along with motion tracking and stabilizers. Filled some gaps in the effects via matte painting. The smoke simulation towards the end was simulated in blender and than baked in blender before rendering . Also included a green texture to covert the render into a green screen mushroom cloud effect.


This model was visualized , sculpted , modelled, textured and animated using Maya, Mudbox. Later used after effects to compile the renders and turn it into a turn table display. Textures were painted in mud box , sword modelled in Maya and painted in mud box . Check out the carousel for an interactive 3D MODEL

This 3D Animation was visualized, modelled , rigged and rendered using blender and after effects. The earth itself has 7 bump maps that bring out elements such as the clouds, continents, sea, atmosphere, magma, shockwave and the blast itself. I rigged a controller to animate the blast and the shockwave. The glowing magma effect that follows the blast wave was further enhanced and rotoscoped in after effects. I also managed to find a creative commons SFX online that suits the scene pretty well.

This animation piece was visualized , rigged and rendered in blender. Additional effects like the film format and sound effects were incorporated using adobe after effects and premiere pro. Everything else was rendered in 3D.


As a designer I specialize with softwares such as Adobe; Illustrator,Photoshop, Indesign and XD. Utilizing all these softwares with co-ordination allows to me to create unique and clean Designs. I have worked on illustrations, prints , campaign ads , app layouts and UX/UI design




This site was part of a client project that I took on for Maintair aviation,Thunderbay. A simple web site made using HTML, CSS and JAVA.
Along with custom coding a site , Iam experienced with some great website builders and have the ability to work with both to create a great web experience. Iam also capable of working with Wordpress and using php to build certain sites that require a database management system.




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